Tubby Grey Blob Plush 20cm

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Do we need to write a product description here? What more can we say about something called the Tubby Grey Blob plush? 

Well if we have to write something I guess first you'd say it's grey. It's also a plush. Perhaps most importantly it is a TUBBY BLOB!! That's right. Who wouldn't want a tubby grey blob to cuddle?

The Tubby Grey Blob plush is cotton filled and suitable for anyone over 3 years old (hopefully if you're reading this that includes you). It also has the best name ever...let's say it once more. Tubby. Grey. Blob. 

Dimensions: please note the Tubby Grey Plush we currently sell is a smaller version than in the images. The Blob is about 20cm tall, so not as big as is indicated in the picture next to the girl. 

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