Mood Narwhal Reversible Plush

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What is the best animal? That's right, the narwhal. This is an indisputable fact. I think anyway, is a narwhal actually an animal? Probably. As I was saying, the best animal is the narwhal. 

What's even better than a narwhal is a narwhal plushie. What's even better than a narwhal plushie is a REVERSIBLE NARWHAL MOOD PLUSHIE! You may have seen the viral sensation that was the Mood Octopus, well this is the Mood Narwhal. 

Mood animals let you communicate how you're feeling without speaking. Without having to say anything you can let people around you know what mood you're in, maybe whether you want to talk or if you want some peace for a while. 

If you hadn't noticed, the Mood Narwhal is incredibly cute. It's filled with cotton and available in five colour variants.