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Would you like a really cute animal plushie? Would you like the animal plushie to be quite round and very cute? Would you like 9 different animals to choose from for your plushie? 

Well we have great news, you are in exactly the right place. 


These animal plushies are available with two length options. The 20cm version of more round, whilst the 30cm version is a bit elongated so you can rest your head on it and almost use it like a small pillow and not just a cute friend. 

The plushie is available as 9 (yes, nine) different animals, which are...*deep breath*....deer, elephant, hamster, pig, panda, bear, cat, dog, penguin, frog.


Hang on, there are more than nine. There is also a dinosaur (don't think this is an animal, is definitely extinct), totoro (not sure this is real), green and blue (pretty sure these are colors) 

So anyway, we aren't good at counting and not super sure what exactly is defined as an animal, but one thing we know for absolutely sure is that these plushies are amazing, cute, comfortable and are perfect to snuggle.