Who's Bob?

Wrong turns can bring opportunities. Bob came into being when we mistakenly embroidered “Bob” for Bill’s name on a wedding gift order. Not wanting to throw out the beautiful silk and handwork, we sewed up the sides and stuffed it with cozy wool scraps and… BOB’S YOUR UNCLE!


Cozy Up with Bob!

Made of 100% silk and organic wool, Bob fits snuggly on your shoulder, behind the small of your back or sits quietly on your sofa waiting for someone to ask, "Who's Bob?"

We can replace Bob's name with yours (for no extra charge) and you can give this cozy pillow to someone on whose mind you linger...

Of course, you may order

Cozy Up with Uncle Bob


Bob’s Your Uncle

or any embroidery that you like on your own Bob!

Bobs make great party favors for those events that honor a special friend, couple, group, or leader. Special pricing for special orders.

Exclusively available through our online Store.