Tea Cozies

We don’t just make tea cozies; we create an experience with a pot of tea. Try it today. You’ll agree –

We Make it Simple for You to Keep it Hot!

Beautiful cottons and silks encase multiple layers of organic wool, wool, cotton, or bamboo batting on side panels and 3 layers of 100% cotton table felt or bamboo batting underneath - perfecting the pleasure of drinking hot tea. Place your teapot inside one of these unique cozies, snap it snugly in place, and Cozy Up with your tea.

We are currently working on several requests from other gift producers and tea rooms for custom fits and patterns. If you have a particular interest, please let us know. We'll be happy to create your custom cozy! Design charges apply for custom fits and new designs. No extra charges for specific fabric and color requests.


Snap, Snap, Squeeze "Sets the Buddha"

Position your teapot inside your new Cozy Up tea cozy with the spout facing you. Make sure the handle and the Cozy Up label are side-by-side. Place your fingers from the top inside the cozy and behind the snap ring. With your other hand bring the snap prong over and into the snap ring. Snap! Leaving your hand inside the cozy rotate your teapot and repeat for the other snap. Snap! Give the pair of back-to-back snaps a little squeeze to “Set the Buddha” before sitting back to marvel at the beauty of your teapot's new and lovely cozy wrap. It’s counter intuitive but it works when you follow these instructions; keeping your hand inside is key to creating the finished shape of a sitting monk.


Cozy Craftsmanship & Care

Because Cozy Up tea cozies are ever-ready to catch those amber jewels dripping from your favorite teapot, our newer designs will only use browns and patterns that hold the stains discreetly over time. There really isn't any need to wash your Cozy Up tea cozy and we do not recommend it. Of course, some of the early fabrics are not as welcoming as what we have in store for future creations so if you do wish to wash, please handle with care.

Cozy Up tea cozies are crafted in 4 sizes: S / M / L / XL to snuggle warmly around most any teapot.

S/L- The small and the large cozies fit perfectly on the Bodum 17 ounce (Shin Cha) pots and the Bodum 34 ounce (Shin Cha) pots, respectively. These are offered in our Cozy Gift Sets along with three selections of loose leaf teas including one organic black tea, one organic green tea, and one irresistible tisane in one ounce tins for convenient reuse.

M The medium is a catch-all for two-to five-cup tea pots and fits most China-made ceramic pots.

Our cozies are especially suited for those mischievous teapot tops that tumble off when you least expect it - splashing hot tea all over or worse, crashing into the cup and shattering a shower of glass all over your peaceful brew.

Cozy Up tea cozies accommodate all sizes of Brown Bettys.

William-Sonoma's Apilco porcelain teapot fits perfectly inside our S (small) and M (medium) cozies.

XL Extra large cozies are most popular with the herbalists who intend to drink more than one or two cups of their magic potions. 


Personalized Gifts

We offer embroidered panels for wedding gifts, office gifts, associations or favorite mantras and quotes. Call 510.703.5903 and expect a minimum two week delivery for embroidered items. Additional cost of embroidery is dependent on order.


Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Our BIRDS NEST TEA COZY came into being when my little Japanese teapot needed a cozy but felt lost inside Cozy Up's original design. In the cool atmosphere of my office, the little pot sat naked on the desk and I never finished a cup of tea because it was cold by the time I poured it. So, one day I went into the studio where I grabbed a clump of organic wool destined for our original designs. I stuffed it into a small basket, fluffed it, and nestled my hot pot of green tea into the cozy wool and Bob's Your Uncle! The BIRDS NEST TEA COZY was born. It can be yours for a pittance. The BIRD'S NEST TEA COZY is perfect for the tiny Yixing pots.

The BIRDS NEST TEA COZY GIFT SET includes a Japanese style teapot nestled inside a clump of organic wool as seen in the photo. Small container of organic green tea included.

When you receive your own Bird's Nest Tea Cozy, fluff your wool a bit and then place your own hot pot into the fluff - it will shape the wool and create a cove for itself. You may shape your wool however you wish and should it become tired, you may contact Cozy Up for free replacements - Lifetime guarantee!