Meditation Cozies

Rainshadow Creates New Products and Changes History 

Cozy Up Meditation Cozies are constructed on the same pattern as the Cozy Up Tea Cozy - only bigger; big enough for you to sit inside. The only fill is 100% organic wool 6 - 8 pounds - sandwiched between 100% green bamboo batting and stuffed into 100% silk or cotton shells. No snaps - simple ties close the cozy over your shoulders creating a personal island of cozy warmth and security. Use it for meditation or just relaxation and contemplation or TV viewing! However you choose to use it, you will be nurtured by the snug and warm wrap of organic wool. It, too, comes in 4 sizes.


Personalized Gifts

We offer embroidered panels for wedding gifts, office gifts, associations or favorite mantras and quotes. Call 510.703.5903 and expect a minimum two week delivery for embroidered items. Additional cost of embroidery is dependent on order.