The History of Tea Cozies (In History, Cozy = Tea Cozy)

Tea cozies originated in the 19th century when social chatter at the popular afternoon teas would too soon result in a cold pot of tea and an end to the party. With the introduction of a cozy wrap around the teapot, everyone could enjoy catching up on the latest town talk while keeping the pot ready for another hot cup of tea. Today, men, women, and children alike will find our Cozy Up Tea Cozy adding a touch of tradition to their own personal tea enjoyment.


Our Story

Cozy Up was conceived in June 2007 when Rainshadow's favorite tea cozy fell apart. A freehand mock up, some clothespins, rubber bands, and old snaps started what has evolved into the most unique tea cozy in the market today! Cozy Up was founded the next year and set up shop at 3654 Grand Avenue in Oakland, California. In a short while and difficult economic times, we created a studio, gift and book shop, meditation room, and office where we were kept busy developing right livelihood - studying meditation, making all kinds of cozies, providing books and gifts for your enjoyment, and inspiring questions like "Who is the Dalai Lama? Who is Hu Jintau? How do they relate?"

2010 was another year of serious change for Rain as Cozy Up drifted at sea with a few infrequent dockings at CUwHH Meditation Room for trial study groups, classes, and mindful events. These were successful and popular explorations and will continue to develop as the business of creating beautiful cozies reorganizes...

As of April, 2011, Cozy Up and Rainshadow have moved into Studio 13 at 3016 Filbert Street, Oakland California 94608 .

Our new web address is Our new email address is And our only telephone number is 510.703.5903.


Cozy Up Design

Cozy Up cozies are designed by California artist Rainshadow and hand sewn in Oakland, California by Tibetan craftspeople using the finest natural and green materials.

During our first year, we explored many fabrics and combinations, shapes and functions, traditions and trends. Out of this comes our developing unique identity. We aspire to simple green functional elegance. Cozy Up signature cozies use only silk (mostly fine remnants) for the outer casings and organic wool, green bamboo batting, and 100% cotton table felt when needed. 

Currently, we are working on several requests from other gift producers and tea rooms for custom fits and patterns. If you have a particular interest, please let us know. We'll be happy to create your custom cozy! Design charges apply for custom fits and new designs. No extra charges for specific fabric and color requests.

When we Cozy Up to our work of designing and sewing fine products that enhance your daily living, every finish seam is hand stitched perfectly – bringing that experience of perfection  to you each time you snap your cozy in place and sit down with a pot of hot tea. Gaze on this fine workmanship and let your mind rest. Absorb the love and compassion that we send to you. Remember it as you make your own contributions throughout the day. Let it draw you back again and again to Cozy Up quietly with a hot pot of tea.

You can find a tea cozy anywhere but you can only find the experience that comes with our design and craftsmanship in a Cozy Up cozy. Cozy Up to transformation and get your own Cozy Up tea cozy today!

We don’t just make tea cozies; we create an experience with a pot of tea. Try it today. You’ll agree – we make it simple for you to keep it hot!


Rainshadow Creates New Products and Changes History 

Cozy Up Meditation Cozies are constructed on the same pattern as the Cozy Up Tea Cozy - only bigger; big enough for you to sit inside. The only fill is 100% organic wool 6 - 8 pounds - sandwiched between 100% green bamboo batting and stuffed into 100% silk or cotton shells. No snaps - simple ties close the cozy over your shoulders creating a personal island of cozy warmth and security. Use it for meditation or just relaxation and contemplation or TV viewing! However you choose to use it, you will be nurtured by the snug and warm wrap of organic wool. It, too, comes in 4 sizes.


Personalized Gifts

We offer embroidered panels for wedding gifts, office gifts, associations or favorite mantras and quotes. Call 510.703.5903 and expect a minimum two week delivery for embroidered items. Additional cost of embroidery is dependent on order.