Cozy Up
Rainshadow, Founder and
Designer of Cozy Up Tea Cozies

About Us

Cozy Up was conceived in June 2007 when Rainshadow’s favorite tea cozy fell apart. A freehand mock up, some clothespins, rubber bands, and old snaps started what has evolved into the most unique tea cozy in the market today!

That is only the beginning of a story full of change but the one thing that does not change is making cozies at Cozy Up. We enjoy the creation of the best cozy – whether it is for a tea pot, a top knot, or to keep you hot! We love making cozies out of silk and organic wool and hand stitches. We want to send within each cozy the attention to detail that you will appreciate over and over again. We hope that you will be inspired to enjoy a pot of tea, a quiet moment, or an act of kindness with your very own Cozy Up cozy.

So, Cozy Up was founded by an American artist and a Tibetan Buddhist monk. From the desire to replace an old cozy to the goal of a cozy for every household, we have evolved and through our daily work resolve to share with the world an awareness of His Holiness, The 14th Dalai Lama, in hopes that in this Lifetime He will once again Cozy Up in His own simple room in the Potala and see His homeland regain cultural autonomy within the great society of modern China.

“Unfortunately, Venerable Khedup no longer shares an interest in Cozy Up’s day to day challenges. I would never have been able to bring Cozy Up into being without the inspiration of this dear friend and teacher and so I am forever grateful for his peaceful perspective and calm abiding of every moment, I learned much from our time together that guides me through each challenging day. In that respect, I will always have his presence with me – especially when I pour a cup of tea. The one thing that I learned from Venerable Khedup and that I strive to manifest is the value of practicing. Whatever we do is a practice of something. So, once again, I encourage you to quietly Cozy Up with a warm cup of tea and consider what your Life practices. Make teatime a practice and practice teatime. “ -Rain

Join us in happy pursuit of bringing compassion and wisdom back into daily living as we Cozy Up to a slower world of caring for what we do, how we do and for whom we do it.

If you have an interest in tea, increasing the world awareness of the 14th Dalai Lama’s exile from his homeland of Tibet in relationship with China, or investing in Cozy Up Inc, please contact Rainshadow and stay in touch. We are a work in progress of happiness and hope and honor. Please live the best Life you can and be kind to others. Cozy Up appreciates your support.



Our Heart-Centered Mission

When you purchase our cozy, you Cozy Up to the United States economy, the American artist, and the Tibetan refugee to support local products, local businesses, and local culture. Embrace the heart of America when you wrap Cozy Up cozies around you, your loved one, or your favorite teapot. Let it remind you to slow down; take a piece of time for yourself.

Punctuate your Living with Silence . . .